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The Disadvantages of a Credit Card

When looking at the advantages of having a credit card it is very easy to overlook the disadvantages and the possibility of the spiraling costs of items compared to waiting and paying for them once you have saved enough money to pay outright. Here area few of the basic disadvantages.With a credit card comes the interest payments. Unless you pay of

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    Credit Score Chart

    A credit score chart is what creditors look at to see if you are in good standing or not. This helps them decide whether or not to lend you money that you need to buy a car, a house or pay for tuition.Because it does not take into account gender, race, religion, martial status or national origin, it is fair. What they use as basis is your behavior over the past few years. They will look into your credit history to see if you have any debts or outstanding loans, lines of credit and how long have you been given credit.There is a certain percentage on each of them so if you don't do well in one, there is a chance that you could improve on this in the others.The one that is used by credit agencies is the FICO score and this information is available to you and to the lender.The credit score...

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